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Be More Chill

Tickets from £45


Tickets from £45


About this benefit:
ISIC, IYTC, and ITIC cardholders can enjoy tickets from £45 to see Be More Chill at The Other Palace. Booking until 3 May 2020. 

About Be More Chill: 

Be More Chill is the new musical sensation that's about to invade your the best way. An unprecendented international phenomenon, this original and hilarious show exploded onto the musical theatre scene and electrified audiences during its runs off- and on Broadway. 

It's just your atypical love story - a guy (he wants to fit in), a girl (she wants to be noticed), and the supercomputer inside the guy's head that tells him what to do (it wants to take over the world!). According to The New Yorker, "If you fed Dear Evan Hansen to the Little Shop of Horrors plant, you'd get BE MORE CHILL." In other words, it's both relatable tale about how far we'll go for a little validation... and an otherwordly delight about a loveable geek and his very invasive (im)plant. What's not to love. 


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