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About Work Canada

How does up to 24 months working and travelling in Canada sound to you? Great, right? Whether you want to head to Canada to work a ski season or experience the country all year round, there are endless opportunities in Canada. The Work Canada packages cover everything you need:

  • Get help every step of the way with the visa process
  • Have help with arrival accommodation
  • Get assistance landing a job even before you leave the UK

 Am I eligible?

To work in Canada you need a work permit from ‘International Experience Canada’ (the IEC). 
A limited amount of visas are available each year so it’s important to apply as soon as possible.




How long does the visa last?

Up to 24 months

How old must I be?

18 - 30 inclusive

18 - 35 inclusive

How many times can I get the visa?

Once in your lifetime

How much does the visa cost?

$250 CAD

How much does a visa biometrics appointment cost?

$85 CAD

How much do I need to have available in my bank account as support funds?

$2,500 CAD

How many visas are allocated to each country?



Work Canada Essentials Package

From price *without ISIC discount: £398 
  • Visa support and advice 
  • A Work Canada handbook to prepare you for your trip and a Lonely Planet Guide
  • Access to Work Canada Facebook group 
  • Assistance to prepare you for your arrival in Canada
  • The option to take BUNAC’s tailored work abroad travel insurance
  • Access to job database 
  • Extensive work-finding advice and daily job listings, including one-on-one sessions to make your CV into a Canadian resume
  • Accommodation listings
  • Bi-annual job fairs
  • Emergency assistance with work permits, visas and passports
  • City walking tour



Work Canada Ultimate Package

From price *without ISIC discount: £529

  • Pre-arranged job prior to departure in either British Columbia, Ontario or Alberta (4-6 month contracts)
  • Assistance with accommodation while working
  • 2 free nights arrival accommodation
  • Arrival orientation 
  • Bi-annual job fairs
  • Social activities 
  • Free or discounted ski passes 
  • Access to job database, job support and résumé workshops
  • Emergency assistance with work permits, visas and passports if needed



About BUNAC 

  • BUNAC are volunteer abroad & work abroad experts enabling life-changing adventures worldwide
  • Whether it's a two-year working holiday, a six-month internship, or a six-week volunteer expedition, there's no country too far or duration too short for BUNAC to help you live out your travel dreams
  • For further information regarding BUNAC click here

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