Ghost Walk of the Lanes

£3 off tour

The Lanes is Brighton’s most celebrated quarter, yet beneath its convivial veneer darker forces are at work… 

Join actor and master storyteller Rob Marks as the eccentric Silas the Ghost Walker, or his fellow ghost walkers Jasper and Ebenezer, for a 70 minute walk around Brighton’s famous Lanes visiting eight haunted sites. 

This small area, with its narrow pages and tightly packed buildings, was once the original fishing settlement of Brighthelmstone – it is the oldest part of the city and, unquestionably, the most haunted.

Alongside the spine-tingling tales the walk takes in much of the area’s rich and varied history. The walk includes eight macabre tales of brutal murders, hideous apparitions, boisterous poltergeists, wandering nuns and Brighton’s infamous Jack-the-Ripper connection.

Silas, Jasper and Ebenezer all perform in full Victorian attire, complete with Gladstone bag, containing a few surprises! 

The very best of the Brighton walks, Ghost Walk of the Lanes runs every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings and lasts approximately 70 minutes from 7.30pm from The Druids Head, Brighton Place.


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