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As the largest walking tour company in the world, SANDEMANs are famous for pioneering the FREE tour model. They put the power back in the hands of travellers, with their guests deciding how much their tour was worth to them, and requiring the guides they work with to provide nothing but the best.

How do I get these discounts? Simply verify your ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card to receive your promo code.

Get your SANDEMANs New Europe promo code

- 10% off all paid tours, (including student rates where available) excluding Edinburgh Castle Tour and Oxford Day Tour.
- 'Buy 1 get 1 half price' offer with regards to the following tours: New Town Tour, (Edinburgh) Alternative Tour, (London) North Side Tour (Dublin) and all paid tours in Jerusalem.
- '2 for the price of 1' offer with regards to Dublin Pub Crawl, Edinburgh Pub Crawl and the London Pub Crawl.

Free Small Beers
- During the pub crawl tours in Berlin, Dublin, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Paris
- During the Tapas Experience in Barcelona and Madrid
- During the Beer Tasting Experience Tours in Brussels and Munich

+ all ISIC/ITIC cardholders are entitled to skip the line at the tour meeting point, provided that they arrive before the start time of the tours stipulated in the tour booking confirmation.

For further information regarding SANDEMANs New Europe, please visit their website.

Terms & Conditions
- Promo code needs to be used when booking a tour through SANDEMANs
- When joining a tour, the cardholder(s) will need to show their valid ISIC/ITIC card(s)
- The benefit can be redeemed an unlimited number of times

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