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TEFL UK offer excellent online courses which are designed to enable graduates to have a fulfilling teaching experience. Through their training, teachers can learn effective teaching methodology and the right to approach to take in order to successfully navigate potential pitfalls when delivering English as a second language classes. Their courses help provide a full understanding of lesson ideas, strategies and grammatical understanding. All TEFL UK courses are fully accredited via international TEFL accreditation body Accreditat which means you can use them to teach English anywhere in the world! These courses are easy to follow and you can access then via an e-learning portal that is compatible with your mobile or device. You can study from anywhere!

120 Hour Advanced Interactive TEFL - This innovative course is excellent value for money and will help you learn how to become an effective TEFL teacher. The course consists of 13 modules that are broken down into small units with interactive questions designed to engage and stimulate learning. Each module contains a test.

150 Hour Masters TEFL - This comprehensive TEFL Masters course covers everything you need to teach across a broad range of context, including teaching children, adults and corporate. You will also gain understanding of IELTS and TOEFL exam preparations. This course contains 16 modules with additional unites on teaching Business English, Teaching Large Classes and teaching Exam Classes.

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