The Falkirk Wheel

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Students who show a valid ISIC card are eligible for the concession rate. 

About The Falkirk Wheel: 

Scotland’s most exciting example of 21st Century engineering, The Falkirk Wheel is more than just the world’s only rotating boat lift; it’s a towering symbol celebrating the renaissance of the nation’s 250-year-old canals.

Combining engineering ingenuity and architectural imagination, the working sculpture stands over 35m high, holds enough water to fill an Olympic swimming pool but only uses the same energy to turn as it takes to boil eight kettles.

One of the world’s most important canal structures and a key tourism landmark, more than 500,000 visitors take a trip to the Wheel each year to watch in wonder as the structure transports boats between the Forth & Clyde and Union Canals or experience the journey first hand on a unique boat trip.

Visit The Falkirk Wheel at Lime Rd, Tamfourhill, Falkirk FK1 4RS. 

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