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What is the ISIC card?
The ISIC card is the only internationally-recognised proof of full-time student status issued in over 130 countries. The card is recognised by universities, academic institutions, student organisations, national governments and ministries of education around the world. As such, it allows you access to exclusive benefits and discounts around the world. The ISIC is available to full time students at school, college or university, aged 12 years and above. There is no upper age limit.
Why should I get an ISIC card?
Wherever you go, you will be able to prove your full-time student status and acquire access to student services and facilities. Having 150,000 ISIC discounts at your feet with that number growing everyday, you'll be able to save money both home and abroad.
What discounts do I get with my card?
Where does one even start? From exclusive fares and travel deals with STA Travel to discounts on transport within the UK, accommodation throughout Europe, dining & takeaway and arts and culture too, you'll be saving on all of the essential students wants and needs in no time.


How can I find where to use my card?
Simply through 'Discounts' below for UK discounts! Our search engine lets you both filter between locations, as well as 'online' and 'show your card' benefits.

If you're always on the go, you can download the free ISIC App for both Android and iOS devices to easily search for benefits on your smartphone.


I'd love to use my card as proof of identity, can I?
The ISIC is proof of student status and can be used to identity yourself in different places. However, some countries may require a different form of identification so please check in advance.
Do we post cards overseas?
Unfortunately not. We can only post cards to addresses in the United Kingdom. For other local ISIC websites, please click 'Find your local ISIC website' below.
How much do the cards cost?
An ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card will set you back £12 - a bargain compared when compared to how much you will save with one!
What if I'm not a full-time student?
Don't worry, we have a couple of brilliant alternatives for you!

- If you are not a student, but are 30 years old or younger at the time of application, the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) is the right card for you.
- If you're a full-time teacher or professor, you can apply for the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC).

The IYTC and ITIC cards both offer similar benefits, services and discounts to the ISIC card.
How can I purchase an ISIC, IYTC or ITIC card online?
If you're in the UK, you can easily apply for an ISIC, IYTC or ITIC online through our website. Simply click 'Get your card' below to get started.

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How do I get an ISIC card in-store?
You can purchase your card instantly in the UK in one of our STA Travel issuing offices. Find a list of our offices through the link below. Please remember to take along your documents to prove your student status and identity.

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I’m not sure if I am a full-time student?
Typically, studying full-time entails at least 15 hours of study a week, for a minimum of 12 weeks per year. There is no upper age limit on being eligible for an ISIC card.
How long are the cards valid for?
Generally, the ISIC and ITIC cards are valid for up to 16 months, starting on 1 September or 1 December, depending on the academic year of the country you purchase your card.

The IYTC is valid for 12 months from the date you purchase it.
I'm ready to apply, what do I need for my ISIC application?
The ISIC card is only available to full-time students, so you must be able to prove you are currently studying full-time at school, college or university.

When applying, please prove one of the following documents:
- A copy of your university or student identity card, clearly dated and indicating you are a full-time student.
- A signed and dated letter on official university or school stationery stating you are studying there full-time. We prefer an original copy, however photocopies and faxes may be accepted.

We will also need from you:
- Proof of your date of birth
- A passport-style image uploaded to your application (can be a selfie)

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I'm ready to apply, what do I need for my IYTC application?
The International Youth Travel Card is for people aged between 12 and 30 who are not full-time students.

When applying, you must be able to prove your age with any of the following documents:
- Passport
- Birth Certificate
- Official Identity Card issued in your country of residence

We will also need from you:
- A recent passport-style photo (can be a selfie)

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I'm ready to apply, what do I need for my ITIC application?
The ITIC card is for full-time teachers or professors.

To prove your full-time teaching status, you will need a letter on official school or university stationery. This must state you are employed at a recognised school, college or university for at least 18 hours per week, for a minimum of 1 academic year.

We'll also need from you:
- A recent passport-style photo (can be a selfie)

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My card has not arrived yet!
We're happy to help! Just get in touch with us and we'll look into it for you.

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How can I offer a benefit to students?
It's a very quick and easy process! Simply get in touch with us below and we'll do all of the hard work from our end.

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Can I offer ISIC cards to students at my school/college/university?
Absolutely! There are many ways to do this. We have a team though who will be happy to talk to you about this when convenient.

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